Using Cement to Preserve Your Legacy With a Time Capsule

Without sounding somber, we really think that imprinting your legacy using cement and concrete is a creative way to leave your stamp. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can incorporate concrete for leaving behind a message, creating a time capsule or celebrating your legacy.

In August of last year, a 1967 time capsule that was buried in the Veterans Memorial Park in the Village of Warwick was dug up. What was surprising is that the entire capsule was covered in cement. It took the Department of Public Works about four hours to remove the cement from the time capsule to unveil the contents. With this event in mind, comes the idea of creating your own personal cement time capsule as a part of your legacy.

The Best Way to Safeguard Your Legacy

Some companies, such as Signature Cement, provide a signature cement service that creates tabletops or wall hangings that has a void inside where you can hide your message. These capsules could include messages, pictures, family heirlooms, money, writings, memoirs, jewelry and anything that you hold dear to your heart. If you want to opt for a smaller structure you could also encrypt your message and store an USB in the cement piece.

This cement structure will be your best-kept secret, and it could be right under your nose in your home, doubling as a beautiful piece of furniture.

You can choose a date or time that you want the capsule to be discovered and by who. The service mentioned before has a process that should be followed online to unlock the capsule, but you can include your own measures.

Signature Cement offers a variety of tabletops or hanging features from which you can choose. But, you can make use of these ideas and DSD Group cement to create your own shapes and features.

Here we share some cement furniture and shapes that you can use to hold your secret time capsule. The fun part is that for others, it would just blend in with the rest of your interior.
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