How Game of Thrones Created the Concrete Frozen Lake

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, we thought their latest set transformation was just genius. In the behind the scenes video of S7 episode 6 we encounter that epic battle scene on the ‘frozen lake’; only it wasn’t a lake at all!

The creators from the ‘Behind the Wall’ episode recently revealed just how they transformed Belfast’s Wolf Hill Quarry into an icy battlefield mimicking similar scenes filmed in Iceland. Although the majority of the scenes were filmed in Iceland, they had to replicate the setting in order to film the battle scene.

And that’s where the concrete comes in…

The frozen lake featured in the fight sequence was specifically created for this scene and was almost the size of an airport. The SFX team had to transform a quarry into a lake and that led them to putting concrete down on the compacted quarry floor in order to create that nice flat finish.

Thereafter they had to make use of a variety of colours so that it would look like an ice surface, even the mountains had to be ‘re-snowed’ every single day so that it remains covered in ‘snow’. The actors were also really impressed. Kit Harington (Jon Snow), said: It’s a really cool set, and amazing set. They cemented a whole quarry to make it look like an ice lake”. According to the team it felt so real and looked fantastic.

Watch the making of ‘Behind the Wall

We just admire the workmanship that goes into creating something for film and entertainment. Many times the viewers aren’t even aware of the effort that goes into such a scene. And since cement and concrete saves the day in this epic Game of Thrones episode, we definitely thought it was worth a mention.



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