What is Concrete Curing and Why Is It Important?

Are you attempting your own cement project at home? In that case, it’s crucial that you understand the method of concrete curing, and why it’s important for your structure.

Think of your concrete as a newborn; it needs a lot of love and care during the initial phase so that it can become strong and become able to face the world on its own. Curing refers to the process after pouring concrete where the surface is kept wet in order to help the hardening of the cement.

Why Is It Important?

  • Concrete curing helps protect the surface from sun and wind exposure
  • The water acts as an agent to cause the chemical action needed for the cement to set.
  • If curing is done efficiently, your concrete’s strength will increase as time passes. The onset is sudden during the early stages.
  • Concrete curing reduces the shrinkage and the durability is increased.
  • The structure is more likely to resist abrasion if properly cured.
Improper curing can lead to major risks and damages in the long run. Your surface will have a higher likelihood to form cracks due to thermal effects and shrinkage, the abrasion resistance will be lowered as the surface is coated with sand or dust, the compressive and flexural strengths are lowered and it won’t be as resistant to frost or weathering.

Keep in mind that the areas exposed directly or larger areas of concrete such as chimneys, roads, bridges etc are more prone to create fine cracks which lead to structural damage.

There are various methods available for curing cement. Two things that all of them have in common is temperature control and water loss prevention. The temperature should be kept at a minimum to avoid dissipation of heat and hydration. Curing methods that are most common in modern construction work include water ponding, covering the surface with waterproof paper or polyethylene sheets to help keep it in place, intermittent spraying of water and applying curing compounds.

If you need more advice on Concrete Curing, don’t hesitate to contact our team. As our slogan goes; ‘As ons jou nie hard maak nie, sal niks nie’.



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