Design Trends - Fiber Cement Siding

Choosing your next exterior renovation project comes with a lot of excitement, and it’s always good to see what is trending in the world of design. It comes down to choosing quality products, contractors, and exterior experts to assure the longevity of your end-product.

We’re so happy to see that cement and concrete materials are trending! And if you’re inspired by cement design trends, you know where to find us. For this post, we’d like to focus on the trend of fiber cement siding.

This material is creating big waves in the world of architecture. Similar to traditional siding, fiber cement siding is applied to the exterior of buildings to safeguard them from all the elements. It’s available in a variety of colours and textures which could match to the rest of your architecture and design. Fiber cement siding gives the appearance and feel of real wood, but it is low maintenance and durable.

Although Cedar is a sustainable and recyclable material, you’ll still need wood for the construction. Vinyl siding is also damaging to the environment because it releases toxins during every stage of its ‘lifetime’. Fiber cement is made from wood fiber (many times recycled), sand and cement, making it a great eco-friendly alternative. Disposal plans are still being researched and developed for fiber cement, but that’s mostly because the material hasn’t been around for that long.

The product outlasts its counterparts and is recommend for housing in all types of climates. Where vinyl siding could be easily damaged or melted by operating a braai or even smoking a cigarette nearby, fiber cement siding is heat resistant.

Fiber cement can resist almost all natural elements and when it gets wet, it won’t rot. The sand and cement combo also allows it to be insect resistant!

It’s ideal for families that don’t want to spend too much time on maintaining their exterior. It will last for ten or more years without you having to repaint.

To view some examples of how fiber cement siding can be used around your home, click the images below.



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