DSD Group - proud sponsors of the World Rally Cross event that took place in Cape Town last weekend for the first time on African soil. To learn more,...
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The creators from the ‘Behind the Wall’ episode recently revealed just how they transformed Belfast’s Wolf Hill Quarry into an icy battlefield m...
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As we grow our business, we often get asked about why we import cement when we could be sourcing locally, creating jobs and growing the economy...
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Are you attempting your own cement project at home? Then you need to know: What is concrete curing and why is it important? DSD Group has the answers....
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We’re so happy to see the cement and concrete materials are trending! For this post, we’d like to focus on the trend of fiber cement siding.
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What is the difference between concrete and cement? The terms concrete and cement tend to be used interchangeably, but this is not correct - here's wh...
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